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Parade of the bafflingly married men, Part One: Phil

Of course, the idea of Georgia pining away and dying of grief because her one-and-only true love died on her isn't the only profoundly sexist idea to inform the strip. As history teaches us, no matter how repellent a man is, a woman is supposed to automatically jump into his arms if he mentions or hints at marriage. It doesn't matter how ugly and self-indulgent a fool the man makes of himself because if he declares his intent, the girl is simply powerless to resist.

The example that comes readiest to mind is the man whose death requires Georgia to commit despairing suicide: Phil. Let's examine his attributes so as to force us to ask the question "What on God's EARTH does she see in the bonehead with the idiotic mustache?!"

I mean, it's not as if we didn't have any number of warning signs that the man was bad meat in a can. After all, Phil outed himself when he made a whiny little shit of himself when Connie Poirier decided to give another self-absorbed momma's boy another chance. When he wasn't sobbing about how he'd let a dame mess him up, he was foaming at the mouth about her being so crazy as to reject him.

The second broad hint as to what makes Phil tick is that nothing on this Earth can seem to make him take Elly's concerns seriously. The very really feeling that she's had all her life that she's been shortchanged just because she's a woman seems to mean very little to the wilted flower child who regards the sixties not as an era of societal change but as an era in which societal rules that kept him from being the spoiled little kid he wants to be were set aside.

Finally, we have the recent exercise in which he, as John would put it, kept Georgia on her toes. The way he saw it, he had to and has to keep the women in his life off balance or else they might start thinking something crazy about how they're supposed to make headway in the brutal war between the sexes that seems to be going on in Soviet Foobistan. As we all know, the idea that underlies the strip is that the women in the strip are all supposed to wail feebly about how they can never come close to any sort of victory over the men in the world. Always and ever, Elly and the others are frustrated by men who in the real world could be taken down by a hamster.

The end result of all of this is that Georgia was kept off balance so long and made unsure of things to such a great extent that she started to think that two and two did after all make twenty-two. This means that the strip seems to preach the moral "Don't worry about him being a vain, immature emotional abuser who thinks that you're less than human, ladies. Just make sure he's a great provider."
Tags: phil: bee and bop king, putting the why in y chromosome.

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