dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Parade of baffingly-married men, Part Three: The Delicate Genius.

I think that it's pretty safe to say that Michael's opinion of women was set in stone pretty much when John informed him that despite what it looked like, the reason Elly was so upset all the time was not that the two of them were selfish douchecanoes who treated her like their servant and thought of her hopes as a hindrance to their being swinish Neanderthals. Nope. It was crazy, scary woman hormones making her not like things she's supposed to love to do. If she didn't have them, she'd admit that she was designed for the sole purpose of racing around after entitled sacks of sewage like them.

What sold me on the fact that Michael was never seriously going to question his cretin father's default assumption that women are silly, hormonal children who need male guidance is strip number 5577. As we see, part of Mike's plans to win Rhetta over included his letting her ASSERT her indepence; what this clearly seems to translate to is "Indulge the crazy fantasy girls have that they can make decisions without male input." This, combined with his being the same sort of whiny bitch his pinhead uncle Phil was when HIS dumb ass got dumped and making idiotic yowling noises about letting a dame mess up his alleged brain tells me we're dealing with yet another human being who should, by rights, be the same sort of pathetic social isolate as that dimwit hayseed who hangs out with Hippy Dippy Uncle Danny on Exile Farm.

Instead, we see him playing the same infernal head games Phil did when he was getting ready to ruin Georgia's life by shackling her in baffled monogamous misery to an entitled imbecile and getting the same results: a wife who's become a joke supporting a failure with a bad idea about how things work. The strange thing is that she helps screw over someone else who's also kept off-balance in order to keep her from making headway: April.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot, putting the why in y chromosome.

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