dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Parade of the Bafflingly-married Men, Part Four: Anthony.

Of course, no look at men who should never have been able to get married would be complete without a look at Anthony. We know that the reason that he's championed by the Pattersons is that he shares John's firm belief in a rigid family structure designed to maximize the convenience of the male while convincing the female that a well-paid marginalization is a very desirable thing indeed. We also know that the reason that he's thought of as a tragic figure who needs to be pitied is that the first woman he tried out the patented Patterson method of bullying, whining and ignoring on took a good look in the mirror, realized that she deserved better than to be turned into a serf for a stoop-shouldered moron and got the Hell out of an abusive relationship before she ended up becoming the frustrated, bitter and confused emotional wreck Lizardbreath is destined to become.

This refusal to be a passive victim squealing piteously about how she always loses is what did not add up to the dumb-ass thinking of her as being some sort of distant ice machine. She and the others were pissed off at Thérèse because she didn't do what she was supposed to do and just suck up dealing with her own personal Harvey Rood. Elly, Deanna and all the rest of the women thought that if they had to live a life of misery after marrying a man who misrepresented himself, she should too.
Tags: blandthony, putting the why in y chromosome.

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