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The zombie with the sandwich board.

As I said yesterday, the real reason that Elly randomly decided to make a very broad subsection of humanity into caricatures is that she doesn't have much in the way of patience or empathy. As by way of example, she simply had to assume that the people who wanted to build the new arena had the worst possible motives because she's not good at sports, people who are good at sports were dismissive of her ill-informed beefing and because she assumes that everyone has the same poorly-hidden desire to smash things in blind frustration she has. Thus did a group of people with an edifice complex sick with the desire to tear down the old so as to glorify themselves by taking credit for the new become transformed into club-swinging Morlocks come to destroy the civilization that only inspires fear, confusion and jealousy in their brutish brains. Thus also did prehensile boosters seeking immortality gain an opponent fighting the wrong irritant and making an idiot of herself to boot.

This is because what Elly never realized is that she herself is seen as a caricature. We know from watching her in action that she honestly sees herself as being the only person who cares about the direction in which things are going. We also know that she's seen as being a dangerously ill-informed meddler who wants to stand in the way of progress because she hasn't got the facts at hand and wouldn't listen anyway. The reason that this resonates with me is that I remember that any number of useful projects that would have created jobs and made people's lives better died a-borning because some dumbass housefrau in stretch pants wailed piteously about her children's safety and well-being and not, as cynics might say, about her precious property value. This makes me more inclined to be on the side of the people who want to raze the clapped-out old barn of a town hall in order to improve the lives of the real protagonists of the human drama. As "Life After People" shows us, it's the people who build things and maintain the things they build who are the real stars of the human endeavor. You and I and dim-brained housewives who think that children want to dress as punk rockers because they're filled with rage are simply extras. The difference between me and an Elly is that I don't mind my tax money being used to improve and maintain the sewage system.
Tags: elly patterson: complete monster, elly versus strangers, elly versus the real world

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