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The Martian in the teddy bear costume....

The really annoying problem with the whole "Mike and Lizzie dressing as punk rockers will cause the apocalypse" is not just that the non-existent problem is supposed to be so obvious that it doesn't have to be explained. The problem is what the problem is. As Mike and his friends realize, Nitwit Elly labored under the idiotic misapprehension that wearing the costume would either turn him into an anger-filled punk rock monster or get him arrested or do something or other that would lead everyone to judge her harshly. After all, that sort of thing is what happened in the screw-ball "Berate your children for their own good" social development films that make up her brain so it makes sense to panic over what Birchers see as heralds of the End Times. The end result of that is Mike's scruffy friends think of her as being what she is: a clunky old bore who doesn't like fun.

Not, of course, that she honestly seems to care much about what children think. She's far too busy whining about being 'rejected' and 'silenced'. As history teaches us, Elly does not take kindly to any sort of criticism of what she does. From the earliest days in which she interpreted Mike's wanting her home-made costume to look right as his haaaaaaaaaaating her to her getting pissed off at a tired child who didn't understand what the Hell was going on because she was a naughty child who CLEARLY hated her pooooooor mother, Elly makes too damned much of a big deal of things because she assumes that the slightest inclination her children have for not thinking exactly as she does clearly means that they TOTALLY reject her and TOTALLY hate her and so on and so forth into the idiotic screaming match in which Liz finally describes the condition of Elly's mind: "Closed for business since 26 August 1951."

This, sadly, explains what the problem is supposed to be: "Elly's ungrateful children selfishly reject their poor mother and all the sacrifices she makes on their behalf because CHAOS makes them EVIL!!" It also explains what the problem really is: "Elly is a narrow-minded jerk who got her ass in an uproar because her kids started thinking for themselves." This seems to be a problem endemic to imbecile baby boomers like her and John. While they don't owe the older generation either a dime or the least bit of respect because they all wanted to drop the atom bomb and send everyone off to die in wars, they also think that the younger generation owes excellent people like themselves not only every dime spent on them but, since they 'saved' the world, unquestioned obedience. Not only are they thus spoiled, soft, entitled and hypocritical, they're also dumber than a sack of hammers.
Tags: elly and the joys of herd poisoning, elly on her cross, elly versus her family

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