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On marrying best fiends.....

As I said at the end of yesterday's essay, I think it's quite obvious indeed that Elly is as poor a judge of character as John is. The example that Lynn wants us to believe is a rather inconvenient exception to a general rule was, of course, her chronic refusal to see that Kortney was an incompetent idiot, bullying malinger and repulsive sneak thief. The problem is that she shares with John a tragic inability to see the people they know for who they are.

To begin with, neither of them ever really managed to realize that the children weren't selfish, greedy, malicious freeloaders who spent their days plotting the overthrow of the parents they clearly hated. This is owing to their confusing disagreement with defiance and their taking themselves way too damned seriously.

They also don't know who the people in their children's lives really are. They don't see Anthony for being the horrible person he is, they don't see that Warren or Paul would be better choices because their lifestyle scares them and they can't see that Thérèse is a horribly ill-used woman lashing out because she's being beset on all sides by clannish vermin working to curry favor with two greedy boomer scuzzbags who think the world owes them a living.

Finally, this inability to know who people actually are is why they got married and why they stayed married. John and Elly insist on seeing one another as any number of things that they are not and refuse to see the truth lest they be confronted with the terrifying realization that they're a couple of goobers.
Tags: putting the why in y chromosome., x chromosome marks the spot of bother.

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