dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Parade of Bafflingly Married Women, Part Four: Georgia.

Of course, my confusion as to why certain people have gotten married does not just stem from my wondering why a defect is a blessing. When it comes to Georgia, I have a hard time seeing what Phil sees in her because I have not the vaguest idea of who the Hell she is in the first place. We don't know what she does for a living, we don't know where she comes from, what her family is like, what she thinks about most things....Hell's bells, we don't even know her birth name. All she seems to be is a plot device meant to show that Phil is FINALLY growing up.

This seems to the end result of a real-life problem. You see, Alan and his wife Joan were and are very jealous of their privacy and did not like the idea of their private lives being picked apart by every soccer mom, Yahooviand and Coffee Squawker in the world. This means that Lynn learned very little about the woman and was thus not able to make her into the sort of distorted caricature she'd made of the rest of her family. Thus we have Georgia Nonamegiven, Smiling Cipher.
Tags: x chromosome marks the spot of bother.

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