dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Jean's pregnancy and what it says about John.

I'd like to join up with the strip again by talking about the next great big story line. As we're about to see, the next arc is the one in which Jean tells John that she and her husband are having a baby. Now, you would expect that a normal person would congratulate Jean and tell her that she'll be missed. John is not a normal person.

This is because John makes a joyous occasion into a problem because he thinks that he should have been consulted first. You see, it isn't about a new life coming into the world, it's actually about John having to scramble because the boomer asshole in question is an entitled jackass who thinks that the world should be arranged so that his needs come first, last and every other place as well. Any sort of inconvenience is clearly the end of the world because if it's not, John isn't the most important person ever and that would be just terrible.

What really sells John's being a total dickwad is when Jean brings her little girl over next year. John makes a condescending and stupid comment about how Jean should have waited till the child was old enough for him to slobber over because to him, children are not people in their own right but part of a terrifying, confusing hive of chaos and defiance. Ah, well. He brings in big bucks so he's a better father than a poor man who actually gave a shit about his children.....
Tags: john needs vitamin stfu

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