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The other real reason for the costume arc.

As you will recall, one of the most terrible hardships Lizardbreath had to endure during her sojourn up North was having to talk to people when she went shopping. While you or I would see having to strike up a conversation with someone you knew when at the grocery store as just part of the small town experience, dimwit Liz seemed to be horrified and confused by this owing to her being dumb enough to think that people would just float on past her like they do at the Eastgate Mall.

The reason for all of this is that Lynn moved to the North Bay area for the specific reason of having access to shopping malls without having to deal with the scary, evil and weird big city. This way, she could have the best of both worlds. She could avoid all the horrors of big city life and still not have to talk to or be talked to when at the store. The reason that I mentioned this is that it seems to howtheduck that when she moved to Corbeil that she'd noticed something that alarmed, confused and angered her.

The clue as to what bothered her is when Michael humiliated John and demonstrated his ungrateful, spiteful and chaotic nature by keeping track of the candy John swiped from him instead of being a good child and not noticing when an adult was screwing him over. What this tells me is that it never occurred to her that her children would want to go mall shopping and take advantage of the same expanded level of choices she wanted for herself. It doesn't take much mental effort to realize that Lynn did not react well to the baffling-only-to-her discovery that her children actually realized that they didn't have to keep on doing what they were doing in Lynn Lake that well.

This, I should think, she saw not as a normal, foreseeable consequence of their changing surroundings. Given that the Lynnsight about the costume Elly made for Mike was all about how Aaron's rejecting her costume must have come from a horrible, inexplicable need to cruelly reject everything about her, we're dealing with the same sort of whimpering no-think that makes Elly feel as if they hate her and reject her and so on and so forth because she poured her big heart into making indigestible food. If they loved her at all, they'd gladly burn holes in their duodena to prove it. Elly is no more able to separate criticism of what she does from criticism of who she is than she was back in first grade. As it was then, the least bit of disagreement with her behaviour had to mean that the critic hates her and wants her to suffer.

This means that not only was this an arc about hectoring her children to shut up and let Mommy decide what they should wear and that they should be afraid of the same things she's afraid of, it was also dedicated to the proposition that just because they have access to mall shopping, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's right or fair to her that they should actually do so. To be fair to her, they had to keep on doing what they were doing back in Manitoba while she was allowed to adapt to her surroundings. This is where being a selfish, arrogant old cow runs into being a boomer numb-nuts.
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