dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Classroom Warfare: Why John thinks that Elly is stupid....

As I said yesterday, John has a very good reason to assume that Elly is a gullible, easily-distracted imbecile who can be counted on to act against her own self-interest. After all, we started out with his chortling about how he conned her into thinking that he couldn't be trusted to do housework and we ended with her being the last person to know that he'd bought and paid for the Tiny Train House so it's not as if he's dealing with a mastermind.

The reason for all of this is that he noticed that she never quite managed to get any sort of degree. Given that Gordon succeeded without the alleged license to do well in life clods like he, Elly and Anthony think that a degree is and given that he himself whines about having to struggle for every grade he got, it would seem that he and Elly share a blind spot. Simply put, the two boomer dunderheads thought that the skills that they picked up in high school would actually serve them well in post-secondary education. What they have still to this day never realized is that their professors hated dimwits like them who think that all they need to do is shovel up some crap facts in line with what they think Teacher believes. Since neither of them learned how to think for themselves or reflect on what they believed or why they believed it, they had a hard old time at University. The only reason John skated by was that most of his course-work was technical in nature so he could get away with parroting crap; since Elly's major couldn't be churned out of a cookbook, she lost interest and failed her way into convincing an imbecile that she was a moron.
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