dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly can't multitask....

Then again, it is probably asking far too much of Elly to move past her very narrow comfort zone. One of the reasons that it would probably be for the best to simply let life pass her by and serve as a buffer between her and a real world that she wants to pass her by is that she's not quite smart enough to realize that her children have John's ability to do two or more things at once. As we saw yesterday, her thought processes simply can't cope with the idea of there being more than one way to open a package and as history teaches us, she can't do her stuff AND pay attention to her children.

She also can't wrap her head around the idea of someone listening to music and doing homework because she was never able to do that. The odd thing is that Marian must have thought that Elly was more pliable than she actually is because she never quite understood that she'd accidentally raised a boomer with a one-way brain. This probably led to awkward conversations in which Marian said "Well, I never had tell you not to have the radio on, dear. You were the one who turned it off on us and yelled about not being able to hear yourself think." Another way in which Marian's inability to see just how rigid Elly had gotten is that she was always having to order the house to suit herself when Elly was away. She probably blamed the chaos on her grandchildren or son-in-law when it was obvious that Elly's inability to divide her attention like normal people resulted in her only moving the dirt around.
Tags: elly versus herself, elly versus the real world

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