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The Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Aesop....

As you know, tomorrow will be Veterans' Day in the United States and Remembrance Day up here. While it's true that most comic strips don't really seem to mark the occasion, I would much rather have the general "Oh, well....I keep my feelings to myself about THAT subject" vibe I get off most syndicated cartoonists than what I get from Lynn.

While she does have a nice banner that asks us to remember those who remembered us, Lynn tends to pay lip service to society's demands that she honor the sacrifices made by our veterans. The one good thing Batiuk did was have Crankshaft ignore a bunch of kids wading in the Reflecting Pool near the White House because he and his comrades in arms fought for their right to do that. What Lynn does instead is what I'm doing right now and using the day as a club to beat people she doesn't like over the head.

As we see in the sequence I linked to, it would appear that Lynn decided sight unseen that Aaron was not sufficiently respectful. For some ungodly reason, she likes the idea of making him into being some sort of imbecilic God-damned ghoul who makes a point of not understanding what other people find repulsive and she likes using this time of year to remind us of that fact. Heh. Maybe he should have worn the damned Sherlock Holmes costume after all; that way, he wouldn't have been depicted as an ungrateful, rage-filled nihilist. Who knows? Maybe she'll stop telling the story about how he wanted the people looking at the weather forecast on the evening news to see the lovely shot of the girl who'd hanged herself in the park!
Tags: lynn versus her family

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