dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Never fool with feminism.....if you're a man.

Of course, the really annoying thing about watching John get a well-deserved reaming for being a willfully unenlightened chauvinistic horse's ass is that we get reminders that Lynn doesn't really like the idea of feminism much herself. After all, you can't read commentary about how Therese will eventually find true happiness by becoming yet another harried mother overwhelmed by chaos-loving, fulfillment-devourting, mother-hating children and idiot unsupportive husbands and not come away with the impression that Lynn can't see society as having advanced much. The underlying premise of the strip as regards gender relationships seems to thus proceed as follows:

1) John and all other men are supposed to become more enlightened to make my life easier.

2) Meanwhile, I get to stay mired in my obsolete fifties mind-set.

3) Ha-ha-ha!!!!!!

As for why that is, let's remind ourselves that while in the real world, Liz and Tina stood a very good chance of being charged with the indictable offense of manslaughter in the first degree after damned near braining Eric with frying pans, Lynn doesn't seem to admit that their freaking God-damned almost killing him is a possibility owing to her belief that a weak, useless girl couldn't possibly hurt a big, strong man because girls suck. More on that tomorrow.
Tags: lynn versus her gender.

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