dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

After John, Day Two....

It occurs to me that Rod might take the disappearance of his look-alike as a positive step no matter when it occurred. That's because Lynn focused too much on the negative aspects of his personality when she created John. The Rod Johnston who's a responsible citizen, decent father and thoughtful human being, if not loyal husband, never appeared much in the strip. What's worse, Lynn doesn't get, if the podcast is anything to go by, how that could be a problem. I don't condone sneaking around but this sort of makes the old saw 'My wife doesn't understand me' sound a lot more credible, given that he has to live down all the crap John pulls 'cause people think he's the Stupid Train Fuck. That being said, John's death now would, as I said yesterday, be exceedingly ill-timed. The characters would be manifestly better off right now if he'd dropped dead after rescuing April because he wouldn't have written a will and screwed everyone up. With the Pattermanse paid off and Elly getting the bank accounts and proceeds from sale of the practice, shelter wouldn't be an immediate problem. She'd, of course, have to get a full-time job to keep her head above water so she'd finally get to put some of her education to use and not feel like her life was a waste, thereby defusing that temper of hers. As for the children, she'd probably hire a sitter or something. Liz might object to being sat but would quickly simmer down when informed that she'd be the sitter otherwise. Also, without John to enable him Michael would finally get over his stupid grudge with his sister. Knowing that anyone can die might just make them all a lot more humble. A post-John Mike wouldn't have risked getting arrested for interfering with the paramedics a decade ago. He'd be writing an angry story about the ghouls who rubberneck and don't realize that a human being had to suffer for their amusement.
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