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The knothole perplex

As we all know, Lynn has recently received an award handed out to women in a position of leadership in the world. We also know that she has some pretty retrograde opinions about women operating in what she thinks of as being a man's world. After all, it's pretty God-damned hard to see her as being in the cheering section of the women's movement when we're being asked to accept the premise "Thérèse is being cruel and unfair to Anthony by asking him to live up to the bargain he made in bad faith to raise Françoise when if she had any decency, she'd immediately start nesting and be sooooooo poor like good ol'Deanna."

I think that the key to all of this is that for a rather depressingly obvious reason, Lynn has bought into the whole "girls suck" thing that seems to permeate pop culture like the luminiferous aether that was supposed to exist before Einstein came along. Said 'reason' is a mother who made no secret at all of the 'fact' that she'd let her husband down by not only NOT popping out a hockey team's worth of boys but by also giving birth to a weak, useless girl. Lynn's frakked-up body image, her default misogyny, her need to dress Lizzie up like a dolly because that's what you do to kids with mistakes on them, her need to slut-shame, her having penis envy despite Freudian psychology being as scientific as astrology or reading entrails, the Settlepocalypse, all of it can be traced to having it dinned into her that nothing she could do could ever please her mother because she doesn't have the right connector.

This need to reinforce a cruel, limiting viewpoint of the world is just one of the many things in our media environment that get in the way of changing things from "default setting: male" to "default setting: human being."
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