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"I'm being roped in": Foob men versus weddings......

As we all know, Lynn decided at some point that she could get away with telling most of the story in a series of letters from the characters which we called the monthly retcons. As we also know, one of John's retcons had him make a pompous, ill-informed comment about how trials take too long when a stupid snap decision based on flimsy evidence, hearsay and stereotypes would be more effective. This is, as I said when I mentioned it earlier, owing to a hatred he and the others have of thinking of what they think about and why they think that way lest they come to the depressing conclusion that they wasted most of their lives believing rubbish that made their lives worse.

The reason that I mentioned this is that this hatred of any long, drawn-out procedure that requires thinking to be done extends to wedding ceremonies. While Phil's yowling idiotically about losing his freedom to be a self-indulgent, self-absorbed, immmature clodhopper who didn't have to bother himself with the evil lie that he has to think about the needs of other people showed up what was what, his idiocy extends to all males in the strip. Always and ever, Mike and John tell their spouses how ridiculous and stressful the whole thing was and how they sometimes wished that they had had the opportunity to reconsider. What really hurts is that Lynn wants to pass this off as being how all men think. She assumes sight unseen that men are disgusting slobs who aren't grateful for the people in their lives and who exist to take the woman who's invested everything in the relationship for granted.
Tags: lynn versus men

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