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The chord Jim struck and what it says about the Pattersons.

As I said the day before yesterday, the Pattersons as a rule don't like the idea of not being the centre of attention owing to their belief that since they're a bunch of jerks who delight in being cruel to people they have power over owing to a belief that being weak means being bad and thus needing to be punished, they're going to be the ones getting taunted by spoiled brats who need to have their teeth punched out.

Granted, April's deciding that Becky HAD to be an extra-bad person who wanted to crush her under her heel, steal everything and everyone away from her and laugh cruelly at her for daring to want the least bit of happiness is an age-appropriate reaction from a callow young thing who has yet to realize that she isn't the axis about which the world rotates and that having someone else set the agenda is not the end of the world. The problem is that her loving parents want her to keep thinking that way.

Since she's one of the few people to have escaped the gravitational pull of her parent's boomer swinishness, she's probably sitting in her apartment looking at a photo of Becky and muttering "Yeah....I totally God-damned loused THAT up" because she, for reasons she's still trying to figure out, came to an unreasonable and idiotic conclusion. This is because she's too close to the situation to realize that she was sabotaged by parents who believe that when they're asked to do things for other people without getting something in return for it, they mistake that to mean that said others are trying to dictate to THEM and take away what belongs to them and so on and so forth.

My personal belief is that it will take years of exposure to people who assume that being there for their children is not an imposition and who contemptuously deny the title of super parents for simply being supportive to get her to finally realize that her occasional realization that Mom and Dad are self-serving vermin who think that they're owed the world on a plate because they once had to wait more than a minute between the expression of a desire and its fulfillment is spot on.

The problem is that if Lynn were to resume the strip, her first move after revenge-killing John so that she doesn't have to face the horrible possibility that she drove Rod away would be to have April 'save' Gerald from Becky. This idiotic need to have everyone safe at home so that dolt matriarch Elly could be saved from the terrible possibility of actually having to look after herself BY herself would undo that good. Just as Mike learned that he really didn't want to travel the world when he was safe in his attic and just as Liz learned that strangers are evil because they don't give Pattersons a free pass, April would learn a lie about how new places are scary.
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