dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Why Lizthony had to be.......

Now, I explained the other week that I think that the Settlepocalypse is Elly's distorted version of what really happened. Since she can't wrap her tiny brain around a starter marriage simply dissolving without acrimony or Liz and Anthony deciding that their break was over or anything like that, a rather bland and mildly heartless story in which a third party or two got mildly singed by mildly creepy people got turned into something like the Cancon LSD trip monster horror soap opera "Strange Paradise."

I also explained why this all had to be. Simply put, someone who's good with figures needs to be handy to make sure that after John dies, Elly doesn't blow the insurance money in the first few minutes and wind up dying in a gutter someplace. That someone is Anthony Caine. Since she's been bullshitted into feeling sorry for him and being grateful for 'saving' Lizardbreath from the stigma of sleeping around with Eric, she'll listen to his advice a lot more readily that she'd listen to the same advice from Mike's paymaster/wife Deanna.

As it was with Mike and the Housening, the imperative would be to keep April from knowing what was going on until after she was old enough not to blab. No one involved wants the poor kid to talk her way into becoming Eunice from "Mama's Family" because she doesn't understand the stakes. When she's been around the block a bit, it'll be safe to clue her in to the fact that she's the sibling assigned the job of having a life free of a potato-nosed bundle of aggression and ingratitude.
Tags: the great foob conspiracy

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