dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On broken legs and what they reveal.

Now, the interesting thing that I've noticed is that we're coming up to yet another arc that helps us define who the Hell John is: the arc in which he struggles with a broken foot. The interesting thing is that, as we can see her, the whole thing starts off because Elly sends him downtown to shop for Christmas dinner despite the fact that our boy is sadly lacking in anything like common sense. Since he's too freaking dumb to load the thing in the bottom of the cart like a regular human being, Johnny Jump-up's right foot transforms into a maraca when the way-too-heavy bird slips out of his hands. It doesn't take take a genius to realize that John doesn't respond well to having his incompetence being made light of by the family who think that what's sauce for the gosling should also be sauce for the four-eyed gander.

Of course, what really hurts is the feeling of helplessness that he ends up dealing with. The idea that he can't do whatever he wants is as horrible as being reminded his discomfort borders on the trivial compared to having to carry and give birth to a child. What all this says about John is that he's a whiny little bitch who, while thinking nothing of the dignity and happiness of other people, insists that he can not be made the figure of mockery nor can he be asked to see the world through other people's eyes. It's sort of a lateral move from this to baying for Canadian Dan Backslide to be garrotted because some tool of a dentist felt emasculated.
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