dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

When Black Friday comes......

Here's something I bet most of you aren't quite aware of; for some reason, there's a new holiday in most Canadian provinces called "Family Day" that falls on the same day as President's Day. You see, the powers that be up here always wanted a day off in February and since they couldn't quite get enough momentum behind Flag Day, they decided on a celebration of family life. While I'm not sure that Lynn would have cared overly much for it owing to her being overwhelmed by her family, I do think that she would have loved another interesting phenomenon that's taken place. While we may never decide to hold our Thanksgiving in November, we have taken Black Friday to heart because it heralds the real 'beginning' of the Christmas season. I should think that this secularization of the Advent would have appealed to Lynn had it had been adopted sooner owing to its allowing her to check off squares on a martyrdom bingo card.

First off, we get to complain about the insane crowds of people that would have swarmed Lilliput's so that Lynn can look down at the people who buy her collections. Next, we would have gotten a great big Aesop about how materialistic people have gotten from a greedy opportunist who sees people in terms of what they can provide her. Finally, we would have gotten hand wringing and whining about losing the real meaning of Christmas by someone who'd be more likely to celebrate Wookiee Life Day than attend church services. Add that into the traditional yearly "Elly works and works and works and works and no one notices or cares or EVER thinks to thank her because housework is just something she's supposed to do without expecting praise or gratitude because she'd get conceited" palaver and you've got a recipe for excess.
Tags: elly on her cross, holidazed pattersons

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