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The masher and the caterpiller.

As the John-breaks-his-foot arc reminds us, the grinning gargoyle with the lantern jaw of stuffy, self-absorbed, self-righteous stupidity has a very low tolerance for having to take the crap he delights in dishing out. The worst example I can think of is this passage:

Liz is just finishing up with Howard's assault trial, but there hasn't been a verdict yet. Boy, as a dentist who works in 10 minute segments, it's incredibly frustrating to see how slow and wasteful the court system is. There seems to be absolutely no accountability for the time they take or the gross inefficiencies they have, and further, they don't care that Liz has to take oodles of time off. Every time there's a slight bump or concern, the whole thing is delayed and put off. Liz then has to take more time off!

Obviously it is organized by those who never have been good at efficiency or accountability. It seems they just want it to be drawn out and take way longer than it should. I should take a week to do a root canal and charge by the hour!

from one of his retcons. As josephusrex said, the whole thing boils down to John whining "They're not railroading Howard Bunt fast enough!! Railroad him FASTER!!"

When I discussed this before, I simply wrote John off as being just another unreflective mushhead who didn't understand that the mills of justice HAVE to grind slowly so that the innocent aren't jailed or hanged to placate a fractious, unreflective, remorse-, empathy- and compassion-free nitwit who spouts off about princesses while playing with model trains like the biggest, meanest, dumbest, brattiest and most selfish child ever. Sadly, things get worse the closer you look at our boy. Simply put, Howard Erk HAD to be railroaded for being a Canadian-content take on Dan Backslide because he scared and embarrassed John. While it is true that Liz does have every right to feel cheapened, humiliated and embarrassed by being sexually harrassed by a dolt, her traumatization seems to loom less large in John's eyes than the damage done to himself. He sees himself as being lessened as a man by his inability to swoop down and kill to restore his honor and his reliance on a court system that does not allow him appropriate vengeance. In his world, it's as right that Howard Bunt be hanged, drawn and quartered for making John look less virile as it was for John to smash an innocent caterpillar to death for surprising him.
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