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Deanna's real reason for the Housening.

Of course, John wasn't the only spoiled brat to throw family members under the bus to get what he or she wanted in the Housening nor was he the only one with a specious and discreditable reason for doing so. As I said before, Deanna's need to have the perfect place for her as well as to arrange people's lives to make her life easier made people's lives a misery. As by way of example, let's look at Mike's resignation from Portrait. You and I would assume that Deanna would be livid that he threw himself on his sword to protect the time servers and incompetents who were screwing things up. You'd be wrong because she is all about how working for THE MAN is killing him. She even says so in her retcons:

Things are looking up these days; my hubby has quit his nine-to-five, stressful, soul-sucking job and he's going to follow his dream! I'm pleased (if that's not coming through adequately in my writing). His publisher thinks that Mike's book will be a "reasonable seller", and he can still freelance as much as he likes. I know that he wants to contribute more to our family finances. The big news, and what makes me really happy, is that Mike can now concentrate on writing during the day and spending time with the rest of us in the evenings. No more late nights in the attic (not that we have an attic anymore, but you get my drift), no more falling asleep on the train on the way home, no more work-related stress.

Someone who's aware of Lynn's history might assume that Lynn told herself much the same thing when boasting about maneuvering Rod into not being the flying dentist. The reason that I say this is that it makes sense to assume that the same Lynn who hated her teachers for what she saw as trying to stifle her creativity and what they saw as getting the Ridgway girl to see that no, she can't just do what she pleases would think that Rod's life had to be one of misery and regimentation because, as the dentistry strips prove, she only paid attention to the bad days. She had no real interest in paying attention to the normal times when things went right because they didn't prove her point for her. Second, the same Lynn who still thinks that Rod picked his harem over her would assume that Mike's physical absence would be a problem.

Of course, what really sells it is that she can really piss Mira the Hell off. Since the poor woman doesn't especially want to admit that she's raised a manipulative freak, she assumes that the bad decision is all Michael's and Deanna is simply a hostage to her husband's lack of ambition.
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