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The curious thing about Liz and the Housening.

Of course, John and Deanna's crooked little game of family politics and the resultant real estate shenanigans didn't just affect Mike, Elly and April. Liz too had her life messed up somewhat. While I do make somewhat of a meal of the fact that most of why she didn't want to leave home until she pretty much had to was that she didn't want to write rent checks to Mike, that isn't really what motivated her. As this section of one of her retcons:

I think I'll be spending my March Break looking for a different place to live. I'm looking forward to the time off, but I'd like to be out of the house and on my own again. Since Mike, Dee and the kids moved in, this place hasn't been the quiet refuge I'm used to. I love my niece and nephew, but kids all day at school and kids bouncing about at night have made me less than pleasant. In fact, I'm downright grouchy!

attests, Lizardbreath shares her father's need to have a cozy little alcove somewhere where she can reign supreme and not be disturbed by small children, pets, picky-faced siblings or parents who don't see that she's a grown woman. The sad thing is that she stupidly allowed herself to be talked into renting out the sort of basement apartment that was never really going to be April's Sweet Suite anyway so she ended up repeating the pattern of being the slobby daughter to old people. As for now, she's had about, ohhhh.....five years of bouncing children underfoot to sour her mood so so much for that. My guess is that she's currently making the same sort of 'Did we ever thank you?' comment that Elly made to Marian and getting a different answer. Marian might have been a bit of a stickler but I don't think that she was trolling for compliments like Elly is.
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