dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

I WILL blow your cover, Opportunistic Mother.

Now that we're about three weeks away from Christmas, I'd like to share one of the things about Elly that annoys me the most. It would be bad enough if we didn't see a materialistic jackass like her condemn her children for the same hateful avarice that drives her were it not for a rather disgusting and self-serving habit of hers. Said habit is viewing other people's impulse purchases as an excuse for extorting something out of them. As by way of example, every time John gets himself a new toy, he's got to get Elly something so the little kid in her can say that things are fair. Since she can't do that when the kids buy things, she really doesn't see the point of giving in to their unfair demands of getting something for themselves without sharing the wealth.

This seems to me to be part of a larger pattern hinted at in one of Mike's retcons when he talked about how old Harv resented the fact that his children weren't born immediately ready to help their poor father do farmwork. You'd have to a really self-serving, self-pitying and envious jackass to resent the fact that kids have to be raised; sadly, Elly joins John in being that petty and stupid. Simply put, she sees people solely in terms of what they can provide her which leads her to a rather warped perspective on humanity. A louse like John and a disgusting pig like Greg Thomas are seen as wonderful because they provide her stuff on one hand and a means of waggling her fat ass and going nanny-nanny-nanny at Ted on the other. Meanwhile, April is simply AWFUL because she can never get Elly anything she wants.
Tags: elly patterson: complete monster, elly versus her family

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