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On the washer-dryer of passive-aggressive stupidity.....

As I said quite some time ago, Elly tends not to tell people what she really wants or expects owing to a belief of hers that she never wants to disabuse herself of owing to said horrible information tending to make her look like a right idiot. This limiting notion is that people think exactly the way she does and see the world through her eyes. The end result of this is that she and the other person argue witlessly at cross purposes because Elly stupidly thinks that they're only pretending that they don't see the world precisely as she does in order to make a great big fool out of her.

This tendency tends to make buying her a Christmas gift a near impossibility. As I also said some time ago, Elly loves to rant about how no one should make a fuss over her despite her wanting exactly that. This would be bad enough had she married a man who didn't see her as being a domestic servant who he had yearly bedroom privileges with; since she married an oafish cluck who, upon seeing women in ads gush over another great big God-damned appliance or other practical thing that doesn't require the man to do something scary and wrong like finding out who the Hell he married and what the Hell she wants, assumes that since the actress feigned delight well enough to fool a blockhead with a model train fetish, the baffling stranger he married would also be happy. Thus does Elly's inability to see who John is collide with his refusal to understand people lest his beloved stereotypes be proven wrong to produce another Patterson holiday tradition: Elly getting snow tires or a rug shampooer instead of jewelry.
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