dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

"We'll face unafraid the bills left unpaid."

Of course, Elly isn't the only person who has stupid traditions that make Christmas stink on ice. John also contributes to the problem by being an imbecile in his own right. It would be bad enough that he's a clueless, arrogant oaf who sees Elly as being a maid without his also being an obnoxious skinflint who's not as good a financial manager as he believes he is.

What this all means is that John's holiday tradition is to sit at the kitchen table obsessing over how much spending money on other people costs and how much that hurts him as a person. You see, it's one thing for John to burn through his pile buying toys for himself to make up for that ludicrous feeling of deprivation the ungrateful prick suffers. It's quite another thing for the poor tragic victim of fake hardship to piss his money away on presents people clearly don't deserve because they all already have enough as it is. Simply put, John's insatiable hunger for possessions in order to compensate for the horror of other people also having things when he clearly believes that he is allowed to own or control everything makes Christmas an exercise in mental agony.
Tags: john patterson: complete monster

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