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Meredith as one of THEM....

As fun as it is to comment on how Francie is going to be treated like a problem by people who see her as one is, I'd like to talk about another child who's going to be a problem soon: Meredith. While we would have just started to get the beginning of a very foolish long-term arc right now had the strip continued, October 2015 would have heralded the start of a very annoying problem: Meredith's thirteenth birthday. This is about when the kewpie-doll that Elly calls a granddaughter would have become an out-of-control rebel overnight. The reason is that she's the child of two emotionally fragile people who live in an eternal present and who see everything as a surprise no one could have anticipated.

The only problem that faces us is not deciding what it'll take for Deanna to decide that that's it, she's through with motherhood or how lame Meredith's attempts at rebelliousness will be or Mike being glad that Exile Farm exists and that Laura has a cousin Meredith's vague age. The problem that faces us is wondering if Elly can actually contain the glee she's bound to be feeling at watching her son finally see what he put her through. I mean, she's barely keeping in the guffaws as it is so watching Mike confess like an ancient mariner for being a horrible son might just overload the pleasure center of her brain.
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