dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Undoing John: The Setup

In last Wednesday's thread, aprilp_katje. off_model, aussie_reader and I discussed the possibility of John and Elly getting a divorce much like Rod and Lynn are and how that could have been used to revitalize the strip. The problem, as I see it, is that John is too lazy to commit adultery. He might solicit in a tight corner but doesn't have the courage to follow through. Since he's only emotionally unfaithful, what could drive a wedge between them? To answer that, I offer a quote from M*A*S*H : "There are three basic human emotions: greed, fear and greed". Like I've said before, these people have no idea what to do with their money. We've just bore witness to John's ineptitude as a financial planner, after all. He sells his old house for a song so he can buy a new home and new furniture, both beyond his soon to be straitened means but he still plans on living like he did when he was working. He does so, of course, based on the premise that Elly, being a woman and everything, is too dim to realize how overextended they've become. He does so in vain, of course. Her seeming acquiescence to his way of thinking is less her being convinced of its rightness but more her thinking she's too old to do anything about it. All it's gonna take is one reminder how big a mess he'd made of their and April's lives so he could play with toys, how deep a hole he'd dug them all for his petty vanity and she might just rejuvenate a trifle. Her opening move, of course, would be to take the Chew Toy, leave the Tiny Train House and look for a damn good divorce lawyer.
Tags: jelly vs jstf

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