dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

My Little Phony: Elly versus the latest toy.....

One of the themes that I couldn't help but notice came up when I revised a Christmas strip to make Elly look less horrible is that most of you think that Elly regards giving gifts as a hassle that she's forced to do and since she finds no joy in it, she overdoes it. A very good example of this was when Lynn wanted to make a very stupid point about 'trendy' toys and how 'foolish' adults were for giving in to the hysteria. While it's true that just maybe, we tend to lose sight of what's important in pursuit of the Latest Thing, let's not forget that despite what the strip implies, Lizzie didn't want to get the toy to bust Elly's ass or make an undignified fool of her. What we seem to be dealing with is good, old-fashioned family peer pressure; simply put, if Lizzie didn't get the thing, she wouldn't come up to neighborhood standards and that would be just terrible. Lizzie has no idea of the chaos Elly endured and, since she had yet to become a full-on jerk, would probably regret that she put Mommy in that position.

Sadly, this is lost on Elly because she's more focused on not being one-upped as being The Most Generous Mommy EVER!! Heh. Rather than display real generosity, Elly gave into her need to not be outclassed.
Tags: holidazed pattersons

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