dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Something about a Twoo Wuv.....

Having had time to reflect on the ten-year long mess that's going to be made of Meredith's life in about two years' time, I have an idea of what the immediate cause of the trouble will be. The immediate cause will probably cause Mike to tell Deanna about how smart Greg was to put a lot of distance between his daughter and THAT BOY and how clever the very late John and the very insane Elly were to pack him off to Exile Farm for Christmas when he was THAT age in order to keep his mind on family instead of THAT GIRL.

In short, Meredith's otherwise meaningless relationship with some non-descript yahoo will become a great big thing because Mike and Deanna have been raised to think of everything in terms of the apocalyptic.
Tags: mike and dee versus their kids

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