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New Year's Evil........

The other interesting part of the traditional Patterson holiday celebration is how they celebrate New Year's Eve. While most of us picture John and Elly sitting at home on the couch grumbling about how it's just another night, there was a time when the Pattersons were allegedly more social on the evening of the thirty-first day of December. As we're seeing right now, it used to be that the Pattersons would either head out so that John and Elly could feel terribly awkward in a social setting that intimidated the Hell out of them or have people over so that they could feel terribly inadequate. Around about three years from now, John decides to grow up and quit pretending that he likes doing this sort of thing. Not only is it too much to ask for him to stay up past ten at night, he and Elly really don't like to be in largish crowds.

That being said, were we to roll the curtain back up on the Pattersons right now, it seems to me that Michael has made much the same decision for much the same reasons. After all, he's pretty much the same age Elly was when she signed on to the let's just stay in thing and he too associates large gatherings with lots of booze and noise with his carefree youth. He's responsible now and knows better. Not for him the crazy partying that Liz and April are respectively forced to endure and anticipate, no way. That part of his life is done because he's looking through eight eyes now. He's probably joined in being a stick in the mud by a wife who desperately wants to avoid emphasizing that there's a fact about the Holidays that she'd prefer to keep hidden: the fact that she and Mike scammed the Hell out of Mira for a stupid, self-serving reason.
Tags: deanna vs mira, holidazed pattersons, mytholigizing mikerobe

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