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Mira, Lizardbreath and the Secret Wedding: Who will explode the loudest?

As we all know, Liz seems to be the only Patterson not aware that Mike and Deanna got married thirteen years ago today. I would opine personally that it's more likely that Anthony is in the loop than Sistwirp ever will be. This is because I remember something that Lynn would rather not have us face: Liz is far more likely to scream about how unforgivable it is that this has all been kept from her than Mira is. As I've said in the past when this comes up, I tend to think of Mira as being something of a well-intentioned rhinoceros. She clearly seems to want the best for everyone but since she tends to be overly forceful and doesn't actually know who she's actually trying to help, the end result of her generosity is always a bit disappointing. To that end, she wanted to supply both children with a big wedding she felt for sure they'd need. It was with that in mind that Deanna thought that the best course of action was to tell a white lie in order to keep the peace. While it's true that Mira would be disappointed and angry for the longest time, we'd eventually see a sort of rapprochement between the two women were the truth to emerge.

This is not the case in Liz's case. Liz impresses me as being a very simplistic thinker who doesn't really understand what's going on around her. As I said before, I always assume that should Liz actually find out what really happened thirteen years ago, she's not going to see that Deanna had mixed motives. She's not going to care that Deanna felt like a puppet or that she wanted to spare her mother's feelings. She's going to care that she herself was lied to and treated like someone who couldn't be trusted. Does it matter that they had to keep her quiet so that she wouldn't blab? Does it matter that April is better at keeping secrets? No. What's going to matter is that they made a fool out of her because they don't trust her.
Tags: liz: whining martyr

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