dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The new queen of leftovers.

The interesting thing about the very last Christmas we saw is that Elly displayed visible relief that for once, she wasn't the one hosting things. While it might have pleased her to not have to be the one doing everything for once, I should think that she might have felt a little let-down afterwards. This is because an old tradition had been passed on to a new generation. Said tradition, of course, is 'cooking far too much food for far too few people and thus ending up with tons and tons of leftovers.' As we've seen, Elly likes the idea of somehow transmuting previously-enjoyed menu items into culinary masterpieces despite a rather distressing lack of any sort of actual talent along those lines and an equally distressing habit of losing track of what's actually in the freezer at any given time. I should think that her empty nest syndrome is as nothing next to the far more unsettling empty freezer syndrome. April, you see, might just remember who loves her one day; having to face having to cook for two and only two most of the time is just another thing she claimed to long for that disappoints her.

Another thing that she's probably currently disappointed by is that while Deanna has kept the tradition of making sure that good food never goes to waste alive, Mike, Meredith and Robin have made the hated tradition of whining "Oh, no!!! NOT LEFTOVERS!!!" a going concern. This means that she'll have to be vicariously martyred on someone else's behalf because unless John does have his promised encounter with a fiberglass chicken's head, there's not much of a chance that her own fridge and freezer are as stuffed with stuff as she'd like.
Tags: holidazed pattersons

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