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Elly's Twoo Wuv.....

As we've seen throughout the strip's history, Lynn seems to have something of an obsession with the idea of first crushes leading from the schoolyard to the altar. This is not only we had to endure the Settlepocalypse and the Great Big Fake Wedding, it's why the only 'downbeat' moment of the Strip of Destiny was the part wherein April dated her country boy when it was clear that her real destiny should have been to become a marginally-competent small animal vet married to the Continental.

What it also tells us is that part of the process of undoing John would be to not only blather witlessly about how he was an evil cheating cheater who cheated all along but to somehow magically reintroduce Elly's first love Colin Winch. As we all know, he originally thought of her as being a goofy, annoying kid who had a sloppy, stupid, snark-worthy crush on him and she eventually thought of him as a sort of Warren to give raspberries to. Were the strip still a going concern, that would have to change so that Lynn could beat Rod and Doug over the head with the fact that there was one man out there that would have stayed true. Colin would thus mutate into a sort of super-Anthony.
Tags: lynn versus the real world

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