dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On the subject of Deanna being a hypocrite.

As you've seen on the news, the place where Milborough is was the part of the province of Ontario that went without power longest after the huge ice-storm we had on the 22nd. While it's true that in its wake, we had a lot of desperate, angry and frightened people facing a black Christmas, it's also true that one of the loudest wails of privation would probably have come from the person who's gone on record as whining about how materialistic and soft her mother Mira is. As I said on the Foobiverse, Deanna was fine with being a simple-lifer when she had nothing much to lose but now that she's got responsibilities, she probably makes her mother look like the poster girl for being a Good Socialist. Hell, at this point, Elly herself is wondering why Mike married someone so obsessed with mere things.
Tags: fifties icon deanna

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