dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On trumpets at this great distance...

The odd thing about the long-term arc in which Elly is such a good mother to Michael that he quits trumpet practice in shame and despair is that his contemporaries tell him that since Elly had to suffer as a child, he does as well. While Lynn's intention is to make it look as if her ungrateful brats and their ignorant friends don't know love when they see it, there's a crapload of truth in what Lawrence is saying. The reason that I mention this is that I remember why it is that Elly was so adamant about Mike's sticking to trumpet practice: her own shame at having quit something that her own insane idiot mother also made no fun at all owing to her own stupid belief that the least bit of praise or hint of sympathy would immediately and inevitably turn her child into a demanding and entitled tyrant. I also know that Elly doesn't want to face the fact that this will not work because it would mean that the mother she wants to please is full of shit about most everything. What this means in the present day is that Mike is also filled with regret about dropping something that used to be fun and not really aware that Elly is most of the reason why. Thus we have to contend with the possibility that he's tearing his hair out wondering why it is that his children want to make the mistake he made and quit something. Good thing that he's married to someone who resents the idea of having children be extensions of Mira's will because she's got that great big damned Electra complex. That way, the 'right' thing is done for the 'wrong' reason.
Tags: deanna vs mira, mike patterson: universal idiot

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