dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Thank-you Letter Perplex

Of course, it's not just being hectored about what a selfish child he is for wanting to waste his life and disappoint people by enjoying things that helped Michael think that there's some great big conspiracy consisting of everyone over the impossibly decrepit age of twenty to ruin the lives of kids everywhere. Another thing that convinced him that mean old people who can't laugh or smile or play and who hate that kids can and want to ruin it because old people are mean is that Elly and John love to coerce him into performing a pointless and silly ritual he doesn't like: sending thank-you letters to grandparents for the gift of underpants. From his perspective, it looks as if he's being guilted into thanking people for stuff they had to do just because they want to have him be slobberingly grateful for the performance of a necessity. Since he's a kid, he doesn't quite see the irony of his belief about their motives and his expectation that he should get a cookie and a pat on the head for doing the bare minimum expected of him.
Tags: holidazed pattersons

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