dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

A diversion on hypocrisy

Elly, as we have seen, loves to scream. There are a host of ideas and habits that simply infuriate our protagonist. Let's take cigarette smoking for a start. We read in one of her retcons that she thought it would be hilarious if somehow a group of poor slobs having a smoke could somehow burn half to death. What makes that infantile power-fantasy even more disgusting is that her father used to be a two-pack-a-day guy. This is a symptom of a deeper problem: Elly is ashamed of her parents. As far back as she can remember, they were too old to live. It's also not like they were grateful for all her and her brother's helpful advice, either. Sure, an outsider might see two ungrateful pseudo-hippie jackasses badgering their parents but that's because they're squares, too. In fact, most of the habits and values that antagonize Saint Eleanor can somehow be associated with her folks. Playing guitar to show off like she did is groovy, man! Playing for personal enjoyment (like Jim did) or as a career (like he wanted do), on the other hand, has to be stopped immediately. I was reminded of a particularly appalling story arc wherein she and her brother steamrolled their dad into selling his acoustic guitar so as to avoid 'embarrassing' them. This is also why she attended university thousands of miles from home: to avoid having to live near her awful, awful parents. It's a contributing factor in her marrying the Train Douche: she was practically trolling for a retrograde idiot who'd stand in the way of her continuing her education while her parents were alive. The most disgusting thing of all, of course, is that she will not tolerate her sort of hatefulness from her own children. They have to do exactly what she tells them, no questions asked, or they're in for some incoherent, vulgar, childish screaming. Old fogeys like her parents may respond to relentless yapping like hers by articulate, well-thought-out words spoken in a level tone of voice but not her. She's above that bummer logic trip.
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