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The art of not realizing where they pick it up....

Now that we're about a year or so away from entering into the more readable and less nasty middle years, I think that it's somewhat appropriate to cover a topic that will become fairly commonplace should the reprints last that long. Said topic is Lizzie's constant insecurity as regards her physical appearance. Most of the reason that Liz thought that no one liked her and that no one could like her is that she looked in the mirror and had the same laser-like focus on her physical defects Elly does. This allowed Lynn to make a rather grudging admission that while Elly tended to blame the evil media and the evil, conflict-causing, woman-marginalizing men for Lizzie's struggle with her looks, the real source was closer to home: a mother who came out of the womb thinking that she was ten pounds too heavy to be loved. Of course, this was back when Elly was supposed to be as flawed and imperfect as the rest of the family. Had the strip continued, we'd probably be bearing witness to Elly scourging forth the evil men at evil Portrait for evilly brainwashing girls into thinking they're ugly. The problem with that is that she'd be too late because the man at Portrait who's most responsible for feeding into the default defeatism is in her old house churning out glurge.
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