dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

When blindspots collide.

The sad thing about Mike and his inability to see other people as having feelings that get hurt or as having as much right to fair treatment as himself is that it is by no means the only blind spot that makes his life worse. It would be one thing if he were just another raging sack of pus like his father. That way, we'd only be dealing with a humorless dick who gets his bowels in an uproar because he's asked to take it for a change instead of dishing it out as well as just a jackass who is at pains to tell himself that the targets of his hateful abuse should learn to roll with the punches because telling him to shut up and think of other people means that he isn't allowed to think of himself ever. If he were just a thoughtless asshole who can't see other people as really mattering, he'd be just another pain in the ass.

The problem is that he's got another blind spot that makes him into an even more putrid, festering boil on the buttocks of humanity: Elly's default belief that the world is out to destroy him. Even back in the year 1980, we had to contend with his irritating yowling that no one loved him and no one wanted him around and everyone was teaming up to make him suffer and cruelly taunt him for daring to want to enjoy things and so on and so forth. From his unwavering belief that his parents deliberately had a weak little girl who he couldn't possibly coexist with just to be mean to him to his belief that his children are trying to destroy his brain because they came out of the womb programmed to hate him, we are dealing with a sullen bonehead who not only sees the glass as being half-empty but also spat in. Thus we have the worst of both worlds. Since John and Elly are blind to the mess they made, they sort of deserve to be subjected to the attitude they can't admit they gave him.
Tags: the middle years

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