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On the joys of not knowing what airbrushing is.

While it is true that Elly seems to have dropped her exercise classes at some point in the middle years, it's not because she developed anything like a healthy self-image. The inability to remember that she's making a big hypocrite of herself by talking about how the only ugly thing on Lizzie's face is the scowl that seemed to have been soldered onto it is something that haunted the woman even unto the end of Patterdays. While we would suggest "stop slumping forward like you're carrying the Stone of Sisyphus" as the sovereign cure for her problems, Elly joins Lynn in not seeing it that way. This is because she seems to be willing herself not to accept the following facts that karisu_sama discussed a while back to be true in the slightest. Just as Mike responds to any claims that Phil wasn't born knowing how to play music as an evil lie meant to trick him into working and working and working and never having fun because adults hate that he can laugh while they cannot, Elly will never accept the following truths as being true:

  1. The models she thinks were born beautiful (and thus husband-stealing) are much taller than her own five foot two. This means that they can be the same weight as she is but be more slender in appearance.
  2. Models tend to have eating disorders more profound and debilitating than her own and are thus more slender.
  3. While she might make a glum, self-denying 'joke' about it, Elly is unwilling to admit that the photos that make her feel bad about herself have been retouched to force a normal human being to look like the impossible ideal.

Her motives for this denial seem to be similar to Michael's. Just as the Delicate Genius doesn't want to admit that he has to practice because that means that he is just another scruffy little idiot instead of the snowflake so special that extra-mean people need to destroy so they don't have to admit how special they aren't, Elly has no long-term interest into admitting that the models that make her feel bad don't look like they do in the photos and probably feel lousier than she does because doing so would mean that she's not only torturing herself for nothing, she's also the willing victim of a hoax.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly versus herself, the middle years

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