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Ambushing Elly for fun and profit.

The odd thing about the current "Elly assumes that Richard wants to destroy her because he doesn't want to sleep" arc is the way in which Annie set things up. As we all saw, she just sort of barged in at the last minute and ambushed Elly instead of doing what normal people would do and arranging things beforehand. What's more, this isn't the first time someone blindsides Elly with a request at the last second nor will it be the last nor is Annie the only character who does so. The superficial (and preferred) reading of events is that she's surrounded by graceless jerks who can't wait to take advantage of her generosity. The actuality is that they're backed into a corner because they know Elly too damned well and realize that if Elly has time to think about having to do something for someone else, she'll find some means of weaseling out of things. You see, other people are supposed to just drop everything when Elly needs a favor but she simply cannot be expected to reciprocate because she has no time to do what she wants.

What this means is that we're primed to watch her stand around all goggle-eyed, panicky and frustrated because horrible people just dump things on her lap and expect her to drop everything for no reason that she can see when she's meant to do more important things. The worst offender in this category would appear to be the child who tied her down in her forties when she was meant to have a career and travel. We see a very stupid and vain woman who behaves like a spoiled child who cries for toys she never really wants when offered them in other settings; Lynn and her kind see someone being cruelly persecuted by people who hate her.
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