dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The battle for the Chew-toy....

There's an envenoming factor in any divorce proceedings that I've not mentioned till now: April. Her parents may think she's an adult but in the eyes of the law, her custody is still going to be an issue (if not THE issue). Trying to determine which one of those idiots gets custody of the child for the last two years of her childhood promises to be the most complex part of the proceedings. John's case, as I see it, would be that he could provide for her material needs while Elly would posit that she's in the kid's corner emotionally. When you consider that John's horrible, wasteful, stupid spending habits are about to collide with a rapid reduction in income, his argument is, to put it kindly, ridiculous. Elly would have the stronger case because it didn't take her nine months to realize that maybe packing people in like sardines and shoving the kid aside like an afterthought might not be the best thing for her. The thing they'd have to look out for, of course, is Deanna renewing her offer to move the kid back to the Pattermanse as an emancipated minor. That might be a temptation the judge would find too unbearable to resist. Either way, this would also lead directly into Deanna and Mike becoming advocates for a cause, which would be an end desirable in and of itself.
Tags: jelly vs jstf, picky-face martian princess creature

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