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The New Model Anne......

Of course, the Pattersons themselves are not the only people affected by the onset of the Middle Years. As we all remember, the Annie Nichols of the first years of the strip was a deluded housewife who thought her husband was more faithful than he really was. As howtheduck has said, Annie started out as merely a sort of ripoff of Cathy's more traditionally minded friend who turned into a means by which Lynn expressed her dislike of a real person. In this case, we seem to be dealing with Lynn's need to tell the 'real' Annie that she should have upset the apple cart just on general principle and damn the cost to herself and her family.

What seems to have happened when Lynn moved is that she encountered a mother who was parenting all wrong by treating her children as human beings instead of adversaries. Rather than admit that she was raised all wrong by an angry idiot who didn't know better, the idea that someone saw children not as evil, hateful, chaos-loving, mother-hating adversaries who had to be broken but as people who were essentially good angered, confused and scandalized Lynn. This means that Annie mutated into a weak parent who surrendered all of her authority to her selfish monsters. Eventually, Annie became an idiot who stupidly let the Papists take charge of her childrens' education instead of putting them in the same school as everyone else and accepting Ian Paisley into her soul.
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