dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Defriendening of Annie Nichols.....

This, of course, isn't the only year in which Lynn does something rather big in February. As we'll see in two year's time, that manipulative douchecanoe Greg throws Connie under the bus by making it look as if the transfer he arranged to put some distance between his little girl and some drone who's probably selling us a Ford Festiva right the Hell now was her idea. Since Lynn and Elly don't see any problem with rat-bastard behaviour like that inflicted on children who are designed to sit there, take it and ask for more, Greg is positioned as a wonderful fellow for cleverly dodging a non-event as well as showing some kid that she only gets a right to an opinion when she's old enough to drink.

The other wonderful thing that happens is that Elly gets her sycophant back. Since we're dealing with an insensitive clod who can't understand that not everyone sees the world exactly as she does, we're left watching her get baffled by the fact that Annie knows that she's about to be reminded of how little she really matters to the Pattersons. From what little we know about her, Annie seems to have spent most of her life on the outside looking in socially because no one wants to hang around a know-nothing know-it-all like her if they can at all avoid it. The arrival of a person with whom Elly can have a productive conversation is thus seen as a threat to someone who can't grok why people liken speaking to her as an exercise in futility.
Tags: anne achronism, the middle years

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