dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

How Elly made her children helpless.

As I said yesterday, Elly must have had something of a crappy childhood. While it's true that Marian didn't mean to blight future generations with the chaos that is Elly Patterson's leading export, her habit of swooping down when Elly was trying to do things her way and making condescending remarks about deviating from the only true path has produced a woman who can't really be prepared for anything because she subconsciously assumes that whatever she might do, Mother will materialize out of the ether, smile her stupid, ignorant, condescending smile, 'correct' Elly's 'mistakes' and saunter off in smug, self-righteous ignorance of the indefensible damage she's done not only to her child but to posterity.

Since Elly is blighted by the need to extract approval where none was forthcoming, it's not hard to see that she too is programmed with the need to make children do things 'right' when she should have been happier that they do things at all. Rather than be a bad person like Anne and follow her own path, Elly confidently decides that the reason she feels like shit all of the time is not that she was raised ineptly by a smug, purblind dunderhead with a greasy mile that ought to have been wiped off with a belt sander but that she's working with inferior material that can't see what's wrong because they hate her. What this means is that the children who started out being able to think on their feet and react to a situation more rapidly and correctly than she ever could also learned that whatever they did would be corrected immediately. What makes things worse is that instead of enduring empty-headed smiles from a blithering idiot, Mike and Lizzie absorbed cheap theatrics, blind rage and idiot analogies about stabbing their poor mother in her great big heart. The end result of partaking of Mom's horseshit casserole was Liz wondering who's guiding her destiny and Mike running into a burning building to rescue a laptop. We might look on at the passive, paralyzed piss-ants with a well-earned disgust but Elly is in heaven because SHE'S NEEDED.
Tags: child rearing disasters, elly versus herself, the middle years

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