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The Connie Interregnum.

The interesting thing about all of the hand-wringing and moaning about changes for the worse that's going to be heading our way in half a year when Connie bravely responds to the non-events of Phil getting engaged and Ted getting freaked out by her humming the wedding march by fleeing like a thief in the night to Thunder Bay is that we know that in a year and a half, she moves into what's now Mrs Baird's house. While this need for what the people at TvTropes.org call the bus coming back is readily explicable by the fanbase telling Lynn that they like having Connie around because it's just not the same if Elly disses Annie to this Asian person that's moved into town, the unfortunate implication that Carol isn't quite BFF material doesn't quite go far enough in explaining it.

This is because it seems very likely that Lynn used Connie's departure as a means of discussing her own family's mixed feelings about being uprooted for her sake. If this is the case, Connie and Lawrence were originally stand-ins for the people that were to be left behind and thought of only occasionally. As time went on however, it's very likely that Lynn found a person in Corbeil that needed an avatar; rather than give that person a race lift, it appears to me that her solution was to bring Connie back into the mix and give her a new supporting cast. Of course, Lynn didn't know what to do with the other characters and they slowly but surely all vanished but at least she was trying.
Tags: connie versus anne, the middle years

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