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Home disimprovement in the Foobiverse.

Of course, watching Anne get raked over the coals because she doesn't think of her children as adversaries and feels that divorce is a shameful thing isn't the only example of bizarre gender-related weirdness in the strip's future history. Something that we also have to face is John's sudden extreme reluctance to maintain the place in such a manner as to make Elly's life easier and happier. For a reason that I'm about to get into, the same John who buys Elly the latest appliances for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries because he's too 'stupid' to understand that Elly doesn't really want anything practical like she says she does starts whining about the outrageous expense of having to spend and spend and spend on a room he doesn't use and wouldn't thus make his life better. The key to understanding all of this is when Jean beats him over the head with his thinking that he should spend his money on toys for himself first and foremost and let the wifey and kiddies subsist on the crumbs left over. Well, that and his habit of being a malingering, chauvinistic and dimwitted asshole who whines about how he does REAL work all day long when it comes time for him to do his chores and thus had to spend the Early and Middle Years sprawled on the couch like a big, whiny, selfish kid who hated the idea that Elly could have help and time to herself.

The upshot of this need to vegetate on the couch or hole up in his little tree fort and not do his honey-do list is that Mike and Deanna probably had to do what he himself did when he moved into the Tiny Train House and hire a contractor to fix the damage done by years of neglect. While I can give Stibbs a pass because he's an old man living alone on a fixed income, there's no excuse for John to let the Pattermanse go to pot just because he's a selfish man-child. The reason, of course, that John is being raked over the coals for not doing his chores and letting Elly deal with the result of letting the weeping tiles get clogged and flood the basement is that she needs to remind Rod that any outside interests that distract from serving her needs are bad things. He can't cheat on her with his harem and he can't play with his toys because she doesn't need to learn math.
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