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Life is not recorded before a live audience.

One thing that we're going to notice in the years to come is that every so often, we're going to have to contend with a strip that has one of the kids stand there being baffled because real life isn't much like television at all. One of the examples that comes readily to mind is when Mike is trying to get Gordo to open up about how his drunkard father slaps him around; when confronted with the fact that Gordon didn't want to talk about something that made him hurt, lost and confused, Mike was baffled by the fact that Gordon remained silent despite the fact that sitcoms state that he was supposed to talk.

As I said, this wasn't the first time that Mike had lost sight of the fact that the real world has crappy writers who don't understand how things are 'supposed' to go. Usually, though, we're subjected to mush that has the children unintentionally offend Elly or make her life worse because they don't get that she's a real person instead of a sitcom character. What this means is that we're being asked to join her and Lynn in screaming in blind, ill-informed rage at the Evil Media for Filling Children's Heads With Nonsense and Making Them Defiant and Saboting WE MOMS and all of that jazz. The thing is that while Elly and Lynn do have something of a point, what they don't seem to see is that the flickering blue parent is preferred to them because it's there and it tells the kiddies that they belong somewhere in the world. This tells me that if Elly wanted television in her kids' lives, she should have subscribed to a channel that has a woman bellow about giving up the best years of her lives to ungrateful brats who hate her and love seeing her suffer so she can at least have consistency.
Tags: elly versus her family, one big oblivious family, the middle years

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