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How Elly's being a jerk led to Martha getting a gross valentine...

The interesting thing about Elly is that like a lot of parents, she feels threatened by the way her children express themselves. While it looks on the surface to be just another example of a parent being driven up the wall by being talked back to and being described as being born old, crabby and propelled by the need to avenge herself on children who, unlike her, can enjoy life, it's not nearly that cut and dry. It seems to me that she sees their becoming independent as meaning that her life has no purpose to it at all. To her, the empty nest means a life devoid of meaning. This results in her deciding to make sure that her kids don't get any funny ideas about doing stuff on their own.

Last week's example of this trend was her not being about to give Mike a choice as to how to go about dealing with his Valentine's Day cards. The same woman who got her arse in an uproar because he wanted to wear an evil punk rocker costume just to be wrong and because he hated her and all the love in her great big heart didn't trust him to do that simple little chore in the way that suited him. She, of course, sees herself as saving him from a very wrong idea about how he should be the person who gets to decide who he is and what he likes. This tells me that she probably picked out the most ridiculously saccharine and bland cards imaginable because she needs to save him from being who he wants to be. The end result of her constant crusade to erase any evil and scary sign that since he's a person in his own right and not an extension of herself that her life is completely worthless is that Michael went through an extended phase of being attracted to the grotesque that he might otherwise not have had were his vain imbecile of a mother not fixated on the paranoid delusion that everyone is out to ruin and humiliate her and make her life meaningless.

What this led to was his deciding sight unseen that Martha would be somehow impressed his marching to the beat of his own drummer when he decided to give her a gross-out Valentine that actively insulted her. Since he can't see past his own nose, he's still trying to figure out why it is that she was pissed at him for calling her stupid when she should have been praising him for speaking with a voice he wouldn't have used if his dumb-ass mother would have left well enough alone. Not, of course, that he can see exactly how much Elly's belief that his being a person in his own right erased her as a person warped him. The poor dodo is probably cravenly grateful that she set him on the path that works out best for just her.
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